Bentley MicroStation V8i

WHAT IS Bentley MicroStation V8i?

MicroStation V8i is a CAD software package developed and marketed by Bentley systems. MicroStation considers itself as the worlds’ leading CAD software for 3D and 2D design or drawings. MicroStation is probably the most widely used around the world in terms of infrastructure design, as many governmental agencies prefer .dgn files to .dwg format because of its smaller size and stability. 


MicroStation may seem complicated to new users familiar with AutoCAD or other AutoCAD clones, but after some time, most users will find that MicroStation provides much greater flexibility and control over the drawing process than industry’s leading competitor. What MicroStation lacks in user-friendliness, it makes up in reliability, robustness, and smaller file sizes. Although MicroStation may not be the easiest CAD software to use, it is the best for stability as there will be no unexpected clashes or odd glitches.

WHAT IS THE USE OF Bentley MicroStation V8i?

In Singapore, MicroStation is widely used for all transportation projects which are handled by the Land & Transport Authority (LTA). Our CAD drafters have vast experience in carrying out drafting works for LTA, where they were engaged directly by LTA or by Contractors that are handling these projects for LTA. We are experienced with MicroStation and can efficiently operate all its capabilities to help you deliver your drawings and CAD models on time.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF Bentley MicroStation V8i?

As a 3D CAD software that is used by leading design firms, contractors, and owner-operators around the world, MicroStation offers a wide variety of capabilities, including CAD drawing and design, 3D modelling, visualisation, component management and mark-up and collaboration across disciplines. Users can do whatever they need without having to switch back and forth between multiple programs.

Our company offers affordable quality MicroStation V8i drafting services that allow architects, engineers, design professionals and drafters to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs or drawings.


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