BIM Software in Singapore

Find out how your team can get cost-effective support for industry-standard BIM software like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and Bentley MicroStation.


As a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center, we can help fulfil your software training & certification needs.


There are many BIM applications available that may not be listed above. Get in touch with us to arrange a custom consultation or training session.


bim technical support in archicad

For the past year, AcePLP has developed its technical team to provide BIM support service in ArchiCAD. As ArchiCAD is increasingly adopted for HDB projects in Singapore, we have expanded and strengthened our core team to fulfill such BIM delivery. Our service includes modelling and creation of BIM object librares in ArchiCAD, BIM consultancy, coordination and model checking for submission. 

why rely on a bim service provider?

Contract staff are trained to use selected BIM software at a high level of proficiency. Consultants and contractors can reduce capital expenditure by working with BIM Service Providers that already have a supply of software licences at hand.

Work with experienced BIM personnel on monthly contracts. 

Reduce annual software licencing fees by engaging our staff on short-term contracts. Pay only for the months in which software is used – not for the entire duration of a project that can span years.

Get your team up and running with the neccessary software within 3 working days.

custom hardware for your bim workloads

The cost of a typical workstation from established brands like Microsoft, Dell, or ASUS can run into the thousands of dollars.

Instead, AcePLP builds the hardware to suit your BIM workloads. This means we can scale your RAM, SSD, CPU and even screen size to suit your needs. 

In addition, you have the assurance that a locally established service provider can support you whenever the need arises.

autodesk revit for teams

Larger BIM teams working on a central Revit model may benefit from the strong read-write operations of a custom-built workstation. With ample SSD storage and a powerful processing unit to boot, you can enhance your team’s modelling productivity by up to 30%.

virtualised bim software

With Ace Virtual Desktop, you can operate your BIM applications from any device such as a low-end PC, laptop, or mobile device.

As BIM model processing is migrated to the cloud, the performance of your BIM applications is no longer dependent on the physical hardware performance of the device you carry.