Jobs & Careers For Engineering and Architectural Graduates

AcePLP careers are open for Engineering Graduates. We welcome graduates from Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics, Green Building, Civil, Aerospace Engineering and Architecture to enroll in our 26-month Structured Career Advancement Program (CAP).

CAP enables you to become an Accredited BIM Professional for Digital Delivery Management. Your time spent learning and working with us counts towards your qualification to become a DDM Professional.

Jobs in Digital Delivery Management

Receive training, certification, and job opportunities through our established work-study programme.

Moving Towards a Career in Built Environment

Fresh graduates and mid careerist without prior experience in BIM will have to go through 2 months classroom training on CAD/BIM application such as AutoCAD, Micro Station, Revit, Open Building and Open Design.

Upon completion of the training, the BIM engineer trainee and modelers’ will be assigned to their sites or consultancy offices with projects that are relevant to the subject they learnt, with senior or alumnus around to guide them. They will be required to work independently after the initial period.

Become a Digital Delivery Professional

AcePLP supports buildingSMART Singapore (bSS), the official accreditation body for the Digital Delivery Management (DDM/BIM) Accreditation Scheme. AcePLP provides our employees and alumni with the skills and opportunities to reach their desired DDM tier.
Following the BCA circular issued on 9 November, government agencies would recognize this accreditation as an alternative to academic qualifications and years of experience. In the full implementation, the accreditation will become a default requirement in tender specifications.

Undergo intense technical training to build foundational skills in BIM modelling.​

Work with various clients to execute BIM modelling projects in the built-environment sector. Maintain project standards and co-ordinate with stakeholders for the transmission of data and information.

Deliver information delivery projects and develop digital solutions. Ensure data quality meets industry standards and protocols. Collaborate with multiple stakeholders to meet project outcomes.

The Digital Delivery Professional stays updated on the latest technologies and is technically savvy. They help organisations adopt digital solutions that enhance the efficiency of processes, and set the standard for project execution.

The CDO is responsible for the digital transformation of organisations. They experiment with and apply digital solutions that drive operational efficiency.

The CDO is technically savvy, persuasive, and capable of leading diverse project teams.

About the Programme & WSQ Certification for Built Environment

BIM and CAD training will be carried out by Ace Industry Academy (AIA) under the AcePLP Group. AIA is an Approved Training Provider (ATP) by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a national movement that provides Singaporeans with the opportunities to develop their fullest potential throughout life, regardless of their starting points.
Certification issued by AIA for courses accredited by SSG are part of the Work Skill Qualification (WSQ) system, a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce.

Learn in a conducive environment under the guidance of professional trainers. Rapidly acquire skillsets that will come into use when working with actual clients. An intensive free two-month technical BIM and CAD training will be provided.

Trainees  receive the support of trainers back at HQ. A significant portion of the learning experience is expected to be self-guided.

Skilled and motivated individuals are identified to lead project teams, acting as coordinators or managers.

Learn on-the-job as you work across building and infrastructure projects in Singapore with guidance from our experienced Trainers and Resource Managers.

AcePLP employees have the option of taking on further studies sponsored by AcePLP and/or leadership positions within AcePLP.

Alternatively, if you wish to develop your career outside of AcePLP, we ensure you get access to numerous related job opportunities to develop your career in the Built Environment.

Learn on the Job

We believe that classroom learning is only a small part of the equation. On-the-job experience alongside collaborative teams is the best way to pick up valuable skills quickly.

In addition, support channels with our in-house trainers ensure that you can get any job done and gain confidence along the way.

Our Success Stories

“Under AcePLP’s employment, I became fascinated with the growing BIM industry in Singapore and AcePLP has helped me break through the barrier between me and the industry. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I’ve enjoyed working at the company, It has immensely helped me in pin-pointing the direction of where I want to progress in my career and I will always be grateful for that.”

Suffian Salleh
BIM Engineer

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Other Available Positions

IT Systems Engineer

Manage our existing network infrastructure and develop IT Solutions for clients to meet their business needs.

Human Resources

Engage with aspiring young engineers and develop policies and initiatives that nurture a learning environment.


Be part of a team sourcing out the best opportunities for talent development, and help us create valuable networks in the industry.

Production Operator

Collaborate on our print production line and delivery services