Careers @ AcePLP

Hone your skills on real industry projects. Earn an allowance as you learn along the way. 

Progress towards the position of BIM Manager to ensure projects are delivered on time and accurately. Co-ordinate BIM standards across multiple engineering disciplines and lead teams of modellers in virtual building projects.

Why Join Us?

We believe that classroom learning is only a small part of the equation. On-the-job experience alongside collaborative teams is the best way to pick up any valuable skills quickly.

In addition, support channels with our in-house trainers will ensure that you can get any job done and gain confidence along the way.


Available Positions

Trainee BIM Engineers Programme

Participate in some of Singapore's most interesting building and infrastructure projects. From drafting to training to talent development, we'll have something just for you.


Be part of a team sourcing out the best opportunities for talent development, and help us create valuable networks in the industry.

IT Solutions Executive

Manage our existing network infrastructure and develop IT Solutions for clients to meet their business needs.

Production Operator

Collaborate on our print production line and delivery services

Trainee BIM Engineers Programme

Gain on-the-job training as you work directly with our clients on live infrastructure projects.

Pick up software skills and experience along the way as you build up your network with our commercial clients.

Graduate at the end of 26 months with a professional certification in BIM.

Get trained in:

1. Microstation – Used in large-scale global infrastructure projects

2. AutoCAD – Used in local building projects 

3. Revit – A BIM tool that allows users to design a building and its components into a 3-dimensional information model.

Get assigned to anywhere from 3 to 6 different projects throughout the period. 

Beginners are guided by more experienced modelers already on-site.

Our in-house trainers are also readily available to guide you through any technical difficulties you might face.

You may be chosen to stay in Aceplp to undertake more leadership roles.

Alternatively, you may choose to join one of the many clients you had the opportunity to work with during your training phase.

Either way, stay connected with our alumni network. At Aceplp, learning never stops.

Our Success Stories

"Under AcePLP’s employment, I became fascinated with the growing BIM industry in Singapore and AcePLP has helped me break through the barrier between me and the industry. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I've enjoyed working at the company, It has immensely helped me in pin-pointing the direction of where I want to progress in my career and I will always be grateful for that."
Suffian Salleh
BIM Engineer
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