BIM Consultancy Services

Work with us to co-ordinate BIM across your entire project from the pre-design, construction, and post-construction phases. Our BIM professionals have unique specialisations in the Architectural, Structural, and Engineering disciplines.

build your digital delivery workflow

Estimate resources for tender projects, prepare BIM Execution Plans, attend stakeholder meetings, research digital delivery workflows, and establish BIM standards and guidelines. We engage with you on a time-based service as your project requires.

AcePLP provides training in BIM software from providers such as Autodesk, Bentley and Graphisoft

Attend bim meetings

We represent your organisation at multi-party BIM Co-ordination meetings while detailing issues for follow-up

create bim object libraries

bim execution plans

BIM consultants establish and modify tender documents throughout the entire project lifecycle

create bim object libraries

enforce bim standards

Create unified standards that entire project teams shall adhere to - we help you set and enforce those standards

bim resource planning

Review tender documents to accurately identify the cost of BIM resource required for your project

AcePLP provides BIM outsourcing services

Research bim workflows

Implement innovate Construction and Engineering field technologies into your BIM workflows

Project Scheduling

bim training

Ensure all team members are willing and able to interact with the central BIM model

find the best fit for your team

Your organisation needs professionals in BIM to carry out extensive modelling and coordination works. 

By outsourcing your BIM workloads to us, you can reduce the steep costs associated with hiring full-time staff and equipping them with the right tools.

What does a bim consultant do?

Tendering for a project and need help estimating the cost of the BIM segment? Our BIM Consultants will review the tender document and drawings, and work with your project managers to accurately estimate the BIM resources needed for your project. BIM resources can cover BIM modellers, coordinators, software and hardware.

Our BIM Consultants can help you to write edit an existing BEP. This service can be used before tendering for a project, or after a tender award. AcePLP also provides the service of drafting entire BIM Execution Plans, complete with the attendance of our BIM Consultant at tender presentation meetings.

Attend bim meetings

We provide representation for your organisation at multi-party BIM Coordination meetings. Our BIM Consultants will attend the BIM meeting representing your organisation, providing you with a set of meeting notes following that meeting to detail the issues discussed and items for follow-up.

Our BIM Consultants can research new BIM technology and/or advice you on incorporating innovative BIM technologies into your workflow. The AcePLP BIM Management team works closely with our BIM technology partners such as Autodesk, Bentley and Graphisoft to provide this advice and research capability.

To run a BIM project efficiently and effectively, you need to create standards and guidelines that all BIM professionals can use as a reference to work together as a team. Our BIM Consultants can help you to set these rules; or if they have already been set, we’ll help you ensure that everyone follows them.

virtual design & Construction consultancy

Our BIM Consultants can research and provide advice you on incorporating various digital delivery technologies in your Engineering and Construction workflows. We work closely with our BIM technology partners such as Autodesk, Bentley and Graphisoft to provide this advice and research capability.

laser scanning

Create detailed point-clouds that incorporate accurate distance information using the latest 3D scanners.

Virtual tours

Create high quality 3D scans of an interior that users can walk-through. Ideal for progress tracking.

drone surveying

Obtain a birds-eye view of a construction project and monitor ground conditions before the construction phase.


BIM consultants need to have effective communication skills on top of solid technical skills. They are the champions for Digital Delivery technologies in the field.

Prior experience in the construction field would be a critical advantage – it enables BIM consultants to communicate technology solutions to contractors on the field effectively.