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Digital Twin


What is a Digital Twin?

What does a Digital Twin do?

Benefits of Digital Twin

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You can enhance the operation of your machinery, plant, or facilities with the help of the real-time data and insights supplied by digital twins. Problems can be resolved as they arise, ensuring that systems perform optimally and reducing downtime.
Even if your facility is made up of thousands of different pieces of equipment, digital twins can provide you with a comprehensive visual and digital perspective of your manufacturing plant, office building, or other facility.
Smart sensors keep an eye on each component’s output and alert the user when problems or malfunctions arise. Rather than waiting for a piece of equipment to completely fail, you can intervene as problems arise.
The virtual nature of digital twins means you can remotely monitor and control facilities.
Remote monitoring also means fewer people have to check on potentially dangerous industrial equipment.
By creating digital replicas, you can speed up the manufacturing of goods and infrastructure before they are built.
You can examine how your facility or product responds to errors by running scenarios and making the necessary adjustments before starting actual production.
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Industry that can use Digital Twin Technology


Bentley iTwin Service

Bentley iTwin Service
What is the iTwin Platform_

What is the iTwin Platform?

Infrastructure Digital Twin Workflows

Infrastructure Digital Twin Workflows

Bentley’s iTwin platform is the foundation for iTwin Enabled applications and digital twin solutions created by Bentley and its strategic partners, including digital integrators, system integrators, independent software vendors, and software developers.
By enabling developers to access Bentley’s iTwin platform, meaningful insights are made possible such as:
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