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Focus sharply on creating a constraint-free work environment in the field

Advanced Work Packaging is an industry best practice that helps align planning and execution activities across the project lifecycle for improved project outcome. By linking the BIM model with time-based information from the baseline programme schedule, we are able to organise any construction project well ahead of actual construction.

Detailed work packages are created very early in the project lifecycle, informed by a Project Execution Plan and a detailed Path of Construction (usually created in Primavera P6). This allows construction projects to be planned in a manner that is sharply focused on creating a constraint-free work environment in the field.

In Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), work packages are organised around the Path of Construction. In Singapore, this is planned right down to the number of days assigned to each task until the project reaches Basic Structural Completion. Thereafter, our planners can divide the work into Installation Work Packages (IWP), commonly known as a MEICA (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation) plan in Singapore.

The IWP is the smallest type of work package, containing a scope of work that allows a specific trade crew to operate independently for a specified period of time. Our planners aim to create a constraint-free environment by ensuring that crews have all the materials, equipment and information needed to execute their scope.  

AcePLP provides Integration Management services to standardise data collection and streamline information sharing between project stakeholders in order to achieve project goals. Our services include creating the Project Execution Plan, the baseline programme schedule, creating the BIM model and aligning it to the schedule, as well as training every team member to use technology to plan their work and update colleagues. We improve collaboration by breaking down information silos and facilitating timely access to accurate, up-to-date information.

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