What is Revit MEP acmv?

In AcePLP, our BIM modellers are capable of constructing BIM models of the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system with its various components such as the mechanical equipment, air terminals and ducts, pipes and electrical cable containment.

Mechanical Equipment and Air Terminals

With our experience, we are skilled in creating families of different mechanical equipment and air terminals such as air handling units (AHU), fan coil units (FCU), chillers, cooling towers, diffusers and grilles, etc. In addition, we are also trained to load these elements into the model and place them according to the allocated positions designed by our clients’ engineers.

Ducts and pipes

We are proficient with designing and modelling the routings of various duct systems such as supply, return, exhaust and fresh air. Furthermore, we are also equipped with the knowledge to customize these duct systems with the colour codes assigned by our clients so that these systems can be easily identified.

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