One of the key components in ensuring that BIM models can be created smoothly and in a timely manner is by outlining the BIM workflows. It is important to note that different software have different approach in carrying out the BIM modelling due to the software interface and functions. In order to ensure that the BIM team does not exceed the project timeline, a BIM workflow is needed to be prepared so that all BIM team members has a guideline to follow and can adopt the workflow when carrying out the BIM modelling works.


One of the tasks of the BIM Manager is to research on the BIM workflow that is specific to the software that is being adopted for that particular project. The BIM workflow generated should be efficient, cost effective and meets the project requirements. The BIM workflow is then included in the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) to be shared with all the BIM team members. In addition, BIM workflow is one of the vital information that needs to be submitted in a tender submission as it determines if the company has the capability to achieve the BIM deliverables that the client seeks


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