On-call BIM Meeting Service

What are BIM Meetings?

BIM meetings are a vital component for the overall BIM management of a project. BIM meetings are where BIM model coordination, clash issues and conflict resolution occur within and across disciplines. Other BIM-related topics such as BIM modelling standards, BIM model submission deadlines and work delegation can also be addressed during these meetings.

What are the types of BIM Meetings?

There are 2 types of BIM meetings – internal and external.

 Internal BIM meetings involve the coordination between the BIM Coordinators and BIM Modellers within the same company. For example, company A provides Architectural BIM services while company B provides Structural BIM services. Company A will need to conduct internal BIM meetings with their own BIM Manager, BIM Coordinators and BIM Modellers. Similarly, this applies to company B.

 Meanwhile, external BIM meetings involve coordination between companies that come from various disciplines. This includes the Architectural BIM team, Structural BIM team, Mechanical BIM team and many other disciplines. During this meeting, they shall discuss issues that require coordination across disciplines.

Attending BIM Meetings

When a BIM Manager is outsourced for a project from our company, the BIM Manager shall host or attend all BIM Meetings as and when needed. The BIM Manager role varies depending on who he/she is outsourced to. If the BIM Manager is outsourced to the Main Contractor, the BIM Manager shall be the one that host and arrange all BIM meetings with all the sub-contractors for cross-discipline coordination. However, if the BIM Manager is outsourced to a sub-contractor, the BIM Manager shall attend all BIM meetings that have been arranged by the Main-contractor’s BIM Manager.


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