Digitization to CAD Services

What is CAD Digitization?

In an ever-growing technological world, it is essential for companies to digitise their paper-based documents as it ensures the security of the undamaged documents for a long period of time. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) digitization is the process of converting existing physical documents such as mechanical drawings, civil drawings, structural drawings, architectural drawings and electrical drawings and etc. into electronic format.

What are the Benefits of CAD Digitization?

With converting manual documents to electronic format, the documents will be kept in a safer storage medium which requires less storage without the need to occupy physical storage space.

They are also kept in a higher resolution format compared to scanned drawings or blueprints which allows for easier reference years down the road as it is free from physical damage. As digital drawings are less prone to damage and sabotage, paper to CAD conversion can reduce data loss by nearly 100%.

Apart from lesser data storage, organisation and storage format of the documents can be customized in accordance with the users’ choice and needs, which can be maintained and retrieved easily. It improves information flow through email and other electronic methods which makes it very accessible.

Through CAD digitization, users are able to prepare separate layers for components such as dimensions, body and text. This then provides high-quality drawings with accurate dimensions.

Once the digitization process has been finalised, users can change the storage format to their desired output format which is editable for future changes or updates.

CAD Digitization Services

  •   Raster to Vector CAD conversion
  •   Image to CAD conversion
  •   PDF to CAD conversion
  •  Paper to CAD conversion


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