Architectural BIM Services

What is Architectural BIM?

Architectural Building Information Modelling (BIM) focuses on the design scope of the building. With the BIM model as a tool in visualising the building virtually, this helps the Architect to make better and well-informed decisions that will help in minimizing design errors in the building which will otherwise be hidden and not reflected well in 2D CAD drawings which were traditionally used before BIM exists. As a result, our expert architects can improve coordination of drawings and documents that provide seamless integration between design, analysis, engineering, construction and operations for the entire life-cycle of buildings.

What are the Benefits of Architectural BIM?

When designing a building, changes and improvements often occur to the drawings. With Architectural BIM Modelling, architects and BIM modellers would be able to make necessary adjustments and updates to the design BIM models. It is good practice for the BIM modellers to produce the 2D drawings directly from the design BIM model created earlier. As a result, when changes are constantly made to the design BIM model, the drawings will then be automatically updated without the need for double work of updating a separate drawing in CAD software.

In addition, this reduces the number of discrepancies generated between 2D CAD drawings generated from e.g. AutoCAD and the BIM model generated from e.g. Revit. With this workflow, both the 2D drawings and 3D design BIM model are generated from a single software e.g. Revit. Once the design has been finalized, users would be able to handover their drawings efficiently with updated and accurate information.

Architectural BIM Services

Some of the Architectural BIM services include:

  •   3D Modelling of Architectural Elements
  •   3D Visualisation
  •   Virtual Walk-Throughs
  •   Exterior and Interior Views of Building
  •   Creation of Custom Architectural Families or Objects
  •   Generation of Schedules for Windows, Doors etc.
  •   Architectural Detail Drawings
  •   Building Elevation Drawings
  •   Building Floor Plans
  •   Building Sections
  •   Material Specifications
  •   Drawing Documentations for Submissions


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