3D CAD to BIM Services

What is 3D BIM?

BIM is an acronym that stands for Building Information Modelling. It is an intelligent digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building. BIM is commonly known as a 3D digital visualization tool that manages data from design to construction (BCA, 2011).

With the shift in the construction industry from CAD to BIM, there has been an increasing demand from all around the world for BIM services. Designers are now able to create 1:1 scale virtual models of buildings. BIM services mostly consist of BIM modelling, clash detection, BIM coordination and other pre-construction designing services.

Who makes up the BIM Team?

The BIM Team typically includes BIM manager, BIM coordinators and BIM Modellers. Architects, Engineers and construction professionals provide insight and design information for the BIM team to virtually construct and reflect the design information accurately in a BIM model.

BIM for Multidisciplinary Design

Our 3D BIM modelling services aim at bringing coordination and collaboration between various disciplines from Architectural, Civil, Structural and MEP (Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing) backgrounds. Various BIM models can be created specifically for each of the disciplines and later on coordinated together to form one complete digital building.

3D Visualization Through BIM Models

BIM is an advanced computer technology that enables Architects to experience a walkthrough of the actual building through the animation that can be produced by the software. This virtual reality experience can also be shared with clients as it helps them to visualise the final product prior to the actual construction of the building. It also helps the client to get an idea of what he will get for his money. This then enables all parties to make informed decisions prior to finalizing the design of the building.

Various Viewing Perspectives

One of the most powerful aspects of 3D BIM modelling service is that designers can create floor plans, sections and elevations by taking snapshots from different perspectives. This was not possible previously when building plans used to be created in CAD software.

BIM as a Trial-and-Error Tool

By adopting BIM modelling during the design stage, problems in the design can be identified earlier. The design conflicts can be collectively resolved upfront due to the early detection of these problems. This will then reduce the cost spent on abortive works and materials wastage. With having the capability of having trial-and-error circumstances, Architects would be able to have opportunities to upgrade the building’s quality and performance before construction. As a result, the firm can deliver the project on time, within budget and with minimal issues.

BIM as a Communication Tool

BIM can also act as a communication tool between all parties involved. Due to its ability to being a 3D visualization tool, it can improve the communication of design information between the parties involved when used during meetings.


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