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Putting all the information together to create knowledge

Integration Management is the work required to standardise data collection and streamline information sharing between project stakeholders, in order to achieve project goals. We start with the premise that everybody on the project needs information that is created by somebody else on the project. With that, we manage information using technology that allows us to ensure that all the right people have access to the data that they need, that it is compatible with other project data and it is formatted to be interoperable.

To start this off, we ensure that our clients have access to a reliable, robust baseline programme schedule. This programme should reflect the project manager’s intended strategy for construction management, and will always be referred to as the baseline for ensuring that the project stays on track. The baseline programme may be changed when there is a significant event that has occurred which causes a delay in the project timeline, which requires the original strategy to be revised in order to still meet the project timeline and budget.

AcePLP also ensures that our clients have the tools to put their BIM model together, which serves as the repository of information related to the design and construction of the project. We provide BIM Managers, Coordinator, Modellers, and a host of other BIM planning tools, to ensure that both geometric and non-geometric information related to the construction project are captured within the database.

As the project progresses, our integration team obtains information from various teams within the construction project to update the information repository. The information that our team handles is geometric, non-geometric, and in relation to time. By integrating various sources of information together, we prevent knowledge leaks that compromise the effectiveness and efficiency of construction projects. Weak communication and poor integration means critical information goes unshared.

AcePLP deploys the latest technology in the construction sector, such as using Synchro Pro to link non-engineering information to 3D models. The new technology allows us to build the asset’s digital twin before construction, and tag these 3D BIM models with advanced work packages. Adding sequence and time to the 3D models allows us to build a movie that shows the construction of the asset. To ensure that it truly reflects the reality of construction execution, AcePLP is there to connect the pieces of the puzzle: people, data, procedures and experience.


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