Time-based BIM Manager

Who are the time-based bim managers?

A Time-based Building Information Modelling (BIM) Manager is responsible for the implementation of BIM and the virtual construction workflows at the design, construction and handover stages of a project. The BIM Manager shall be responsible for the production and enforcement of the BIM Execution Plan and the implementation of the BIM environment, deliverables as well as the effective and efficient collaboration and coordination of design throughout the Contract. The BIM Manager shall hold the relevant BIM experience required based on the complexity of the project time.

What are the Roles & Responsibilities of a Time-based BIM Manager?

The roles and responsibilities of the BIM Manager shall include but not limited to those indicated in the Singapore BIM Guide and the following:

  • Corporate Objectives – Responsible in ensuring that BIM strategies are aligned with the client’s objectives and digital roadmap
  • Research – Responsible in identifying gaps and missing area in current digitalisation track and carrying out associated research to improve design productivity
  • Standards – Responsible in setting out the BIM standards
  • Implementation – Responsible in overseeing the implementation of BIM processes and standards
  • Training – Responsible in planning for BIM training based on staff needs
  • BIM Execution Plan (BEP) – Responsible in managing the content of the BEP
  • Template – Responsible in managing the modelling template versions for the software adopted
  • Process & Workflow – Responsible in outlining the BIM process and workflow
  • BIM Library – Responsible in managing and updating the various BIM libraries available
  • Progress – Responsible in overseeing a project’s modelling progress and resources
  • Coordination – Responsible in overseeing the coordination process of the BIM models
  • Quality Control – Responsible in ensuring the quality of BIM deliverables


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