BIM Standards Services

What are Set & Enforce BIM Standards?

BIM standards are important in ensuring that a BIM model is created with quality and consistency. It is the task of a BIM Manager or a BIM Coordinator to set BIM standards for a project and outlines it in a BIM Execution Plan (BEP). All BIM team members in the project shall then adhere to the BIM standards prepared.

What are the types of BIM Standards?

There are many things within a BIM project that requires standardisation as there are many modellers involved in one project. By setting these standards, quality of the model and its consistency can be assured when the models are submitted to the Authorities.

BIM standards include the management of the BIM files, file/folder naming conventions, modelling conventions, template management, objects/families management and etc.

Enforcing BIM Standards

Outlining the standards in the BEP is insufficient in ensuring that all BIM team members adhere to it. It is also important to enforce them and ensure that the team members adopt it in their BIM modelling process. Enforcement can be done by conducting quality control checks on the BIM models frequently to ensure that the BIM standards are being adhered to. These checks need to be done on a weekly basis and not just nearing the submission date as this may cause abortive works. With constant checking, the modellers are able to turn it into a habit and get used to adopting the correct standards when modelling.



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