BIM Object Families Services

How does BIM Family or Object Creation work?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) families or objects creation requires specialized expertise as each and every element of the family has to be modelled, keeping the geometry of the family at the core. In addition to the geometry, the families or objects have to also be designed with the ability to input the element properties too.

Creating BIM families for BIM models are very crucial in delivering the final BIM deliverables or the BIM models. Due to the nature of uniqueness of different buildings, often the different elements such as windows, doors, foundations and even beams have to customized based on the design requirements of the buildings.

Family creation is not limited to basic building elements such as windows or doors. It also includes furniture which also needs to be customized individually based on suppliers’ catalogues. Landscaping items such as trees, benches, playground or health equipment also need to be customized to complete the virtual model. There are many components within a building or surrounding the building that requires to be created or customized in order for the BIM model designed to appear as realistic as possible and becomes an accurate digital representation of its real-life version.

Family creation services also contribute to accurate building analysis and estimating purposes.

What are some examples of the Family or Object Creation Services?

Some of the Family or Object Creation services include:

  •   Structural Family Creation
  •   The architecture of Family Creation
  •   MEP Family Creation
  •   Landscape Family Creation


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