BIM Revit MEP Electrical

WHAT IS Revit MEP Electrical ?

In AcePLP, our BIM modellers are equipped with the knowledge to create BIM models of various electrical services such as containment, electrical equipment, lighting devices and electrical devices. Besides that, we are also capable of constructing other electrical-related services such as Building Management System, Public Announcement System, Telecommunication System, Lightning Protection System, Security System, IT Infrastructure System, etc. 


With these knowledge and capabilities, we are proficient to create cable routings of different containment types such as cable trays, cable trunkings and conduits. Furthermore, we are also trained to configure the containment types with colours using filters so that the different services can be easily identified. 

Electrical Equipment

We are also experienced in providing the service of modelling various families of electrical equipments that are typically used in electrical projects for providing power supply such as transformers, generators, distribution boards and local motor control panels.

Lighting fixtures

In addition, we are also equipped with the knowledge of modelling different lighting fixtures and their functions such as troffer lights, exit lights, emergency lights, side table lights, etc.

Electrical Devices

One of the most common BIM services that we provide is the creation of families of various electrical devices such as occupancy sensors, 13A sockets, lighting switches, alarm bells based on catalogues provided by our clients.


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There are many BIM applications available that may not be listed above. Get in touch with us for a customised training session.