BIM REVIT MEP Plumbing & Sanitary

What is Revit MEP Plumbing & Sanitary?

In AcePLP, our BIM modellers are proficient in creating the BIM model of various designs of the drainage systems, domestic cold and hot water systems and sanitary sewer systems, and are capable of properly evaluating the utilities coordination with architects and structural engineers.  

These are some of the plumbing & sanitary BIM modelling services that AcePLP provides:

  • HW/CW domestic supply system
  • Sanitary-sewer drainage system
  • Drainage waste fixture unit calculations
  • Water supply load and fixture calculations
  • Sizing and selection of PRV’s, pumps, storage tanks etc.
  • Hydronic/non-hydronic system design
  • Booster pump design and pressure loss calculation
  • Fabrication drawings for equipment and fitting accessories

Plumbing pipes and fixtures

With our experience and expertise, we are also equipped with the knowledge to produce BIM model for plumbing systems that can help to conserve both water and energy resources. Moreover, our BIM modellers are also skilled in modelling plumbing pipe routings and accessories for water supply to various parts of the building.

Sanitary pipes and fixtures

We are also experienced with designing and modelling sanitary pipes and constructing sanitary fittings such as Inspection Chambers (IC) and floor drains. Besides that, we are also familiar with the Public Utilities Board (PUB) guidelines for the sanitary pipes from the different plumbing fixtures such as basins, sinks, water closets and bathtubs to the ICs. 


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There are many BIM applications available that may not be listed above. Get in touch with us for a customised training session.