4D BIM Planning for Project Progress Reporting


4D BIM is the process of linking a 4D BIM Model with time or schedule related information, providing precise construction information for teams working on the project. By incorporating the start and finish dates into each BIM component, we are able to focus our attention on deploying lean construction techniques and optimising the schedule to reduce idle time, increase labour productivity, and improve project outcome. Adding sequence and time to 3D models allows us to build a movie that shows the construction of the asset.


AcePLP aligns a master baseline programme schedule (usually in Primavera P6) and BIM models using Synchro Pro. This can be done for any project, and is particularly useful in roads, rail and water treatment plant projects in Singapore. Functions in Synchro Pro allow us to update the schedule using an intuitive model-based process, and can be done from anywhere using mobile apps or a tablet. This allows site personnel to immediately update the progress of the project instead of relaying it back to the site office for updates.


The new workflow cuts short the amount of time and resources needed to document project progress, through an innovative application of BIM model use. What has not changed in this new process is that you would still need an accurate and reliable master programme schedule against which you will track project progress. The way you have planned the master programme schedule should reflect your strategy for construction management, and will be used as the baseline for ensuring the project stays on track.


The integration of 4D BIM Scheduling in construction processes is a similar technique deployed in Advanced Work Packaging, which allows projects to be sharply focused on creating a constraint-free work environment in the field. Detailed work packages are created early in the project life cycle using a combination of BIM model, baseline programme, and Synchro Pro.


AcePLP provides Integration Management services to standardise data collection and streamline information sharing between project stakeholders in order to achieve project goals. Our services include creating the Project Execution Plan, the baseline programme schedule, creating the BIM model and aligning it to the schedule, as well as training every team member to use technology to plan their work and update colleagues. We improve collaboration by breaking down information silos and facilitating timely access to accurate, up-to-date information.


For more information, check out our Advanced Work Planning, Integration Management, and Services pages.


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