4D BIM Scheduling Services

What is 4D Scheduling?

A 4D BIM Model is an extended 3D BIM model with an additional feature, known as the time in the form of a schedule. A 4D BIM model has additional scheduling information compared to a 3D BIM model, which clarifies the necessary manpower and time required during each activity, affecting the final outcome of the project.

4D scheduling services have a significant role in project planning which contain important data like the start and end date of every activity and how critical the activity is for the next activity to occur. The scheduling information is prepared by the assigned project scheduler who is able to adopt a software known as Primavera P6, which helps to assign the necessary manpower, materials, and productivity level of each manpower assigned to each of the activities. The schedule is used together with the 3D BIM model created by the BIM modellers to carry out 4D scheduling.

What are the benefits of 4D Scheduling?

With the aid of the BIM model, project participants will be able to visualise the whole construction process against the project schedule or timeline simultaneously. As it visualizes the assembling of a building over time, the project team will be able to check various options and select the most appropriate during the design phase.

4D scheduling assists in planning accurately of products and materials to be delivered in time, enabling the team to plan the construction phase activities in a logical manner that benefits the parties involved and improves work efficiency.


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