BIM Constructability Analysis Services

What is BIM Constructability Analysis?

BIM-based constructability analysis is vital as it is used to review construction processes and methods during the design phase, which helps to identify potential obstacles and find ways to resolve any constructability issues that might occur during the course of the project. The team can review the entire project from the conceptual design stage to the detailed design stage as well as the construction phase and eventually the as-built building phase. Some potential issues that can be encountered throughout these phases are design compatibility, spatial issues, circulation and logistics. BIM plays a crucial role in enabling one to review the entire project process.

What are the benefits of BIM Constructability Analysis?

One of the key benefits of conducting BIM constructability analysis is ensuring that safety is achieved throughout the project. BIM enables the visualization of the construction process and methodology which includes the various safety arrangements to be adopted before the real construction begins.

Also, BIM constructability analysis enables the team to review potential obstacles that may arise during the construction phase such as design compatibility. By conducting the analysis, the team can prevent schedule delays, cost overruns and rework from occurring.


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