C&S BIM Service

What is C&S BIM?

Civil and Structural (C&S) Building Information Modelling (BIM) focus on the structural detail of the building. It involves the use of the BIM software to reflect the various structural components of the building such as beams, columns, foundations, structural walls, supports etc. Each of these components includes various structural detail information and properties that are important in ensuring the stability and integrity of the building.

What are the Benefits of C&S BIM?

On top of modelling the C&S elements in a BIM model to act as a 3D visualization tool, the BIM software enables users to also input the properties of its elements into the BIM model. By doing so, it allows the engineers to carry out structural design analysis of the building virtually to check on the building’s integrity. With the combination of advanced design and analysis capabilities of a BIM software, the 3D analysis also uncovers cost savings on top of ensuring safe design.

Accurately designing and detailing structural elements are very important throughout the design and construction process. By creating an accurate structural BIM model with correct information, the engineers can get a clear idea of all aspects like building geometry, geographic information, building properties, building materials, and resources required for the project.

What are some of the Structural BIM Services?

Some of the Structural BIM services include:

  •   3D Modelling of Structural Elements
  •   Creation of Custom Structural Families or Objects
  •   Generation of Schedules for Beam, Columns, Foundations etc.
  •   Structural Analysis
  •   Structural Detail Drawings
  •   Shop Drawings for Fabrications
  •   Drawing Documentations for Submissions


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