BIM Resources Planning

What is BIM Resource Planning?

One of the vital components in ensuring that a BIM project meets the project deadline within the budget set and remains profitable is through proper and accurate resource planning. BIM Resource Planning (BRP) is needed to ensure that enough manpower with the right skills and knowledge is assigned to the project to meet the project BIM deliverables.

How to allocate BIM Resources?

Based on our cumulative experience in handling many BIM projects in the past, we are able to estimate the appropriate amount of resources that our client needs for the duration of the project based on the deliverables that need to be achieved. Clients are first required to provide us with the necessary information such as tender documents, project specifications, drawings if available, list of deliverables and project timeline. With all this information, we are then able to estimate the appropriate amount of resources to be placed in the project. This will in turn accurately identify the cost of BIM resource required for the project.

What are the types of BIM Resources?

On top of estimating the number of resources, our company is also able to provide the resources themselves. These resources include manpower such as BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator, BIM Modellers and CAD Drafters. The manpower can be hired in a short term or long-term basis.

The type of resources that our company is able to provide is also not just limited to manpower but also includes hardware and software. Clients often do not have extra workstations for the new BIM team that they have outsourced from our company. Hence, we also provide rental services for the workstations for any period of time that the client requires. Any software license that the project requires, our company are also able to secure it for the client and install it in the workstation.


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