Time-based BIM Audit Service

What is BIM Audit or Checks?

In any project, it is crucial for either the Time-based BIM Manager or the Time-based BIM Coordinators to perform a series of BIM audit or checks so as to ensure that the BIM models created by the BIM Modellers are in accordance with the desired quality and standards. These standards are normally outlined in the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) which is prepared by the BIM Manager at the start of any project before any BIM modelling work begins.

What are the types of BIM Audits or Checks?

There are various types of BIM audits or checks that can be done by the BIM Managers and BIM Coordinators – visual checks, standard check and clash check.

Due to the many years of experience held by our team of BIM Managers and BIM Coordinators, they are able to conduct visual checks to identify any errors in the BIM model.

The BIM Managers in our company are also equipped with the knowledge to prepare quality control checklists. This checklist ensures that checks on BIM models are done thoroughly so that the BIM deliverables meet the required submission standards that have been set by the Authorities.

The BIM Manager and BIM Coordinators are also equipped with the relevant set of skills to conduct clash checks through the software that the project has adopted. They would then prepare a clash report that can be generated through the software to be used as a reference in BIM coordination meetings for conflict resolution.


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