Document Digitisation Services

Protect your physical document archives by scanning them into a non-perishable digital format of your choice.

Document Digitisation Services

With a strong production and delivery team based in Singapore, Aceplp will be able to meet your document printing and scanning needs at the most cost-effective rates. Our latest large format printers and responsive Customer Service Executives will ensure that your document requirements are met with minimal downtime.

Why Clients Trust Us

  • ISO:9001 Certified
  • 25 Years in Business
  • Externally Audited IT Systems
  • Responsive Local Team
  • Experience with Architectural, Engineering, and Construction drawings.

Custom Document management Solutions

Aceplp will be able to customise scanning and printing services depending on your unique requirements.

Secure onsite scanning options are available.

File Delivery Methods

Arrange a suitable date and time for the collection and delivery of documents to your site office.


File Transfer Protocols

Send scanned files directly to your company’s servers. 


Physical Storage

Store the scanned documents into hard disks.



Our Network Administrators configure custom IT Solutions for File Transfer.

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Our Customer Service Executives will provide free consultations to ensure document security and minimise disruptions to your workflow.