Point Cloud Laser Scanning Service

What is Point Cloud?

A Point Cloud is a combination of a very large number of points that covers surfaces of an object, building or anything that a laser scanner captures. Generation of point cloud data involves the use of 3D laser scan technology to capture the as-built environment of a building. Point cloud data captured by the 3D scanner can be imported into BIM software.

What are the Uses & Benefits of Point Cloud?

The Point Cloud can be used for many purposes such as 3D visualisation, progress monitoring, as-built records purposes and many more.

Point cloud data can be used to identify the difference between the point cloud model and the native BIM model created. The point cloud data is first input in the BIM software and then superimposed to the native BIM model generated. The addition of the point cloud data enhances the accuracy of the BIM model generated. This in turns provides the client with a higher sense of security in the accuracy of the BIM model.

Point cloud data is also generated in order to create a quick 3D scan or image of the actual building when native BIM models are unavailable. This provides the users with the actual condition of the building without the need to create a native BIM model. However, note that point cloud data is only able to provide the visuals and is not able to show the detail information of each element in the building.

Point cloud data can also be used to carry out progress monitoring of a construction site. At various points during the construction phase, 3D scans of the construction site can be done and transferred to a BIM software. These scans can then be used to monitor the progress of the construction as it captures the actual on-site condition.


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