4D BIM Sequencing & Simulation Service

What is 4D Sequencing & Simulation?

A 4D BIM Model is an extended 3D BIM model with an additional feature, known as the time in the form of a schedule. A 4D BIM model has additional information compared to a 3D BIM model which is the ability in creating a 4D simulation that helps all project participants such as architects, contractors, designers and the owners, to visualise the whole series of construction events and understand the progress of construction activities throughout the lifetime of the project.

How does 4D Sequencing & Simulation work?

Various parties are involved in the creation of a 4D simulation video such as BIM Modellers, Architects, Schedulers and Engineers. Firstly, BIM modellers create a BIM model in accordance with the design provided by Architects and Engineers with the use of BIM software known as Revit. Simultaneously, a scheduler is required to prepare a project construction schedule in the order of construction activities using a scheduling software known as Primavera P6. Secondly, an assigned modeller with expertise in creating a project 4D simulation video will combine both schedule and BIM model to create a simulation of the actual construction process virtually. The Modeller will carry out 4D sequencing by assigning each activity in the sequence of the actual assembly of the project in the construction site to a 3D BIM model. Lastly, the modeller creates a simulation of the actual construction process virtually with the use of software known as Synchro Pro.

What are the benefits of 4D Sequencing & Simulation?

Carrying out a 4D simulation is the most efficient and cost-effective construction sequence for building a project, especially during the design phase. Since 4D simulation would be carried out virtually, cost incurred is low as no actual construction materials would be needed.

A 3D BIM model with the sequencing of the construction activities enables the team to visualise the construction process in different phases. A 4D simulation video is often used for presentation purposes to clients, which helps to simulate the construction process, present construction methodology adopted and even showcase the actual construction progress on site. Adoption of 4D simulation benefits clients both the design stage and the actual construction phase.


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