Creation of BIM Design Models for MRT Lines

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Project Scope

Aceplp was tasked to create (i) the horizontal and vertical rail alignments, (ii) running rails (iii) sleepers with baseplate and fasteners, (iv) third rail components, (v) bufferstops and (vi) to create a combined model of the sleepers and running rails throughout the 3D alignment, including turnouts.


CR11-CC-Gates JV

Project Duration

2 months

Our Approach

Working in a team of seven, including one BIM team lead, the Aceplp team started by sorting and qualifying drawings provided by the client. The team was mainly divided into two groups – one group specialized in creating the 3D alignment and running rails in PowerRail Track, another was focused on creating trackwork components in AECOsim.

After creation of the trackwork components in AECOsim, the PowerRail Track team moved on to create a combined model of the sleepers and running rails. As canting was required in the model and sleepers were only spaced 700mm apart, it would be time-consuming to place and rotate individual sleepers along the alignment. With support from Bentley Systems and research on workflows using GenerativeComponents, the Aceplp team successfully developed a solution for running the sleepers efficiently along the 3D alignment.

As this is the inaugural delivery of trackwork project using BIM in Singapore, our BIM team lead was responsible for researching on workflow methodology and providing technical support to the BIM modellers. At the same time, he ensures the team’s adherence to file and folder discipline and to the BIM standards set within this project.

To ensure the accuracy of work delivered, a stringent quality control checklist was created to check against the models. BIM modellers were tasked to cross check the BIM models created before final delivery to the client.

BIM Software Used

Bentley Products: PowerRail Track, AECOsim, GenerativeComponents

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