Creation of BIM Design Models for MRT Lines


AcePLP was tasked to create (i) the horizontal and vertical rail alignments, (ii) running rails (iii) sleepers with baseplate and fasteners, (iv) third rail components, (v) bufferstops and (vi) to create a combined model of the sleepers and running rails throughout the 3D alignment, including turnouts.

How will BIM lay the foundation for Virtual Design and Construction?

Under the Smart Nation initiative, the Singapore government seeks to invest in technologies such as  data analytics, ICT infrastructure and IAAS to enhance the quality of life of citizens and the ease with which to do business with the Singapore government. BIM will lay the foundation for which a host of other digital services will … Read more

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A Career in BIM with Nur Sharinah

Nur Sharinah is a student in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering specializing in Building Services. She joined AcePLP as part of SIT’s Integrated Work-Study Program. As part of Singapore’s Underground Masterplan, the Urban Redevelopment Authority is working towards having a more complete 3D map of the underground spaces and infrastructures in Singapore. Sharinah was involved in converting Singapore’s MRT … Read more