Integration Management Page

Putting all the information together to create knowledge Integration Management is the work required to standardise data collection and streamline information sharing between project stakeholders, in order to achieve project goals. We start with the premise that everybody on the project needs information that is created by somebody else on the project. With that, we … Read more

Advance Work Packaging Page

Focus sharply on creating a constraint-free work environment in the field Advanced Work Packaging is an industry best practice that helps align planning and execution activities across the project lifecycle for improved project outcome. By linking the BIM model with time-based information from the baseline programme schedule, we are able to organise any construction project … Read more


Optimise BIM for Structural Design and Manufacturing In Singapore, Tekla Structures is frequently used where structural detailing is critical, and design is used for manufacturing and assembly. Tekla is commonly used by Concrete Contractors, Steel Fabricators, Precast Fabricators, Structural Engineers. For concrete contractors, Tekla helps them to estimate, plan and manage concrete pours due to … Read more