4D BIM Progress Monitoring Services

What is 4D Progress Monitoring?

A 4D BIM model is an extended 3D BIM model with an additional feature, known as the time in the form of a schedule. A 3D BIM model with the attachment of time allows the team to carry out progress monitoring of the construction process during both design and actual construction phases.

What are the benefits of 4D Progress Monitoring?

During the actual construction phase, the BIM model has to be updated in accordance with the construction progress. The updated BIM model, when used with the actual project schedule, can produce a BIM model that reflects the actual progress on site, which can then be used for progress monitoring during project progress meetings.

4D progress monitoring can be adopted during the design stage, enabling the team to identify and visualise the project progress that will occur in the future prior to its current progress. 4D progress monitoring helps the team to identify possible aspects such as missing variables, design conflicts, level of productivity and even coordination problems before they actually occur on site.


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