Autodesk ReCap Pro

What is Autodesk ReCap Pro?

Autodesk ReCap Pro is at the forefront of Reality Computing with a family of products and services that allow users to easily integrate reality capture data into the design process. High-resolution 3D models are automatically created from photographs or laser-scans. ReCap Pro allows users to convert real-world conditions to accurate 3D models for projects. Data can be captured from laser scanners or photos taken from a UAV/Drone, then automatically combined in ReCap Pro, and imported into Autodesk’s tools including Revit, Civil 3D, Navisworks, Infraworks and AutoCAD.

What are the uses of Autodesk ReCap Pro?

Autodesk ReCap Pro assists designers and engineers to leverage the power of reality capture data with better measurement, enhanced mark-up, greater collaboration, search, and automated registration. The key features of Autodesk ReCap Pro are as follows:

  • Easily measure diameters and distances between cylinders and plans with automatic shape fitting
  • Obtain fast and true clearances with a single mouse click
  • Automatically sync all your annotations between desktop and cloud
  • Share and sync mark-ups with project stakeholders or mark-up a project together
  • Quickly find marked objects, assets, saved views and project tools with advanced utilities
  • Combine laser scans with targetless automated registration
  • Quickly and accurately register scans with little to no user interaction

What are the benefits of Autodesk ReCap Pro?

Benefits of Autodesk ReCap Pro include:

  • Reduce change orders
    • Minimise errors from inaccurate existing condition information
  • Speed up the design process
    • Bring a 3D representation into your design tool
  • Save time and reduce overheads
    • Capture the site in one visit in an efficient, automated process
  • Easy start-up
    • Intuitive one-click tools that automatically register, stitch and clean-up data in Autodesk design tools


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