SELECT Open Access VS Enterprise Licence Subscription

A comparison on the key benefits of each of bentley's licence types


Default Option
  • Share Licences (Country-pooling)
  • No minimum fee
  • Quarterly Billing
  • Unlimited Usage


Opt-in Only
  • Share Licences (Global-pooling)
  • USD 100k minimum
  • Annual Billing
  • Unlimited Usage

about the select open access subscription

The SELECT Open Access is enabled by default after purchasing Bentley software. This option is suitable if:

  • You have less than 20 concurrent users OR
  • Your annual software licence usage is expected to be less than USD 100k

Under SELECT Open Access, workstations that are activated with Bentley’s licensing keys have unrestricted access to all Bentley software applications. Usage of Bentley software beyond your alloted subscription will result in excess charges on a quarterly basis.

For this reason, we recommend IT managers to restrict end-user access to the software applications to specific workstations. It is also strongly advised for IT managers to protect software activation keys from unauthorized use.

IT Managers are strongly advised to only activate Bentley software on designated workstations. Activating Bentley software keys on more workstations than necessary may result in excessive quarterly SELECT subscription fees.

About the enterprise licence subscription

The Enterprise Licence Subscription is favoured by large-scale organisations with many users and BIM operations that span across multiple countries. Some MNCs choose  this option because it enables unlimited usage of any Bentley software at a fixed price. It is convenient because no active management of the software usage is required.

This means that clients would not be caught off-guard by an unexpected bill due to excess usage. 

However, there is a minimum fixed-fee of USD 100k that is paid on an annual basis. This annual fee is re-evaluated on an annual basis based on Bentley’s assessment of your software usage patterns (high usage will lead to an increase in prices).

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