Collaborate with a BIM Execution Plan

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Project Scope

Create BIM models of Roads, Railways and Tunnels at Marina Bay and Jurong Lake District


Government Agency

Project Duration

9 Months

Our Approach

AcePLP oversaw the project delivery by deploying a team of up to 24 BIM Specialists on this project. Preliminary rounds of discussion with our client offered us a detailed understanding of their BIM standards. Our BIM Managers then created a BIM Execution Plan to document all workflows and standards that will be used in the project.

As this project involves working with a large amount of as-built information, the AcePLP BIM team had to sieve through the database to identify and sort the latest drawings to be used for modelling. Throughout this project, large amounts of information were used by various team members, hence organization was priority to ensure that all files are always accounted for. Point cloud information was also used to ensure that the BIM models created are accurate.

Through our unique BIM management methodology, the AcePLP team successfully generated a consistent BIM database with high accuracy.

For delivery of this project, the AcePLP team used a combination of software. Bentley PowerRail Track was used for the creation of 3D alignment data and tunnel corridor. Thereafter, structural components are created using Bentley AECOsim. All models were created using Autodesk Revit before its coordination with the surrounding substructures.

BIM Software Used

Bentley PowerRail Track + Bentley AECOsim

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