Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services

The objective of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to create a 3D digital representation of the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and piping components into a single unified model.

BIM is a process that involves both people and technology. The BIM model can be used to evaluate the feasibility of construction design early in the project lifecycle or can be used in Facilities Management processes at the end of the construction phase. 

bim modelling for architecture

Architectural BIM Specialists help establish the existing site model for further analysis. BIM models with a lower level of detail can be used to rapidly evaluate various design alternatives. Massing models are also used to determine various estimates like construction costs and energy consumption.

conduct clash detection with bim

Mechanical, Electrical, and Piping (MEP) Specialists are tasked with modelling the thousands of building services that run throughout a building. An important role that they play is to highlight clashes between the MEP and structural components within a building.

By highlighting clashes before the existing structure is built, costly reworks can be avoided later on.

on-site bim services

Our engineers are assigned to your office depending on the scope of work involved as well as the years of experience under their belt. At your request, we can deploy high-performance workstations to your site office that can render even the largest of BIM models.

Remote bim modelling

Due to various constraints, some clients prefer a more flexible model for contracting out BIM work. AcePLP also supports such workflows with our Virtual Desktops that ensure our own engineers have access to BIM software anytime, anywhere.

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BIM use in PPVC construction

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