Persistently pursue SUSS diploma in digital coaching industry

THE JOURNEY to his ivory tower is quite long and winding, but after earning a diploma in Aeronautics Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic, Encik Mohammed Azman Ahmad Said, 35, found himself in a career he lacked in demand. Raised in a modest family, Mr Azman’s father was a labourer with a primary school graduation while his … Read more

Azman Ahmad Said among the first employees to receive the Digital Delivery Management Scheme accreditation in S’pura

SINGAPORE: Despite being admitted to a local university, Encik Azman Ahmad Said had to set aside his ambition to pursue his studies in the ivory tower for a while to strengthen his family’s financial position. Therefore, he needs to urgently find a job immediately after the graduation of his polytechnic. Encik Azman follows the Digital … Read more