BIM Clash Detection Services

What is Clash Detection & Resolution?

One of the key aspects of BIM Coordination is clash detection and resolution which involves identification, inspection, and reporting of interference clash in a BIM model during the design stage instead of on-site, during construction. Clash detection and resolution help reduce design errors virtually prior to construction, preventing any inefficiencies on-site that may cause project delays and budget issues.

How does Clash Detection & Resolution work?

For the project process to take place smoothly, project team members from various disciplines have to collaborate with one another to carry out clash detection in the BIM models. Software such as Revit and Navisworks would have to be adopted to identify the clashes in the building design and produce clash reports. The clash report generated is used as a reference in BIM coordination meetings to highlight the clashes or design errors between the various disciplines. All the parties involved can resolve these issues collectively during the collaboration meeting and update the BIM models accordingly.

The entire process of clash detection and resolution is normally set out in the BIM Execution Plan (BEP). The BIM Manager will set out an actual step-by-step clash detection workflow in the BEP for all team members to adhere to which includes the type of clashes between the disciplines needed to run in the software. BEP sets out how often the clash detections have to be done within and across disciplines, and schedules how often BIM collaboration meetings should occur (e.g. weekly or bi-weekly across disciplines).


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