Company Sponsorship of Bachelor of Building & Project Management (SUSS)

The education sponsorship is intended to supplement the wealth of practical experience that the graduate BIM Engineer has accumulated over the past 26 months.  This sponsorship is mainly applicable to BIM Specialists who have had some BIM Co-ordinator or BIM Management experience. AcePLP hopes to enhance their professional development by arming them with a big-picture overview of any infrastructure project. 

How To Apply?

The Part-Time Bachelor of Building & Project Management is sponsored due to its high degree of relevance to the job scope of our graduate BIM Engineers who are looking at BIM Management roles.

The application process is as such:
1) Apply for the course through SUSS
2) Request for corporate sponsorship
3) Forward SUSS application form to Training Department
4) Submit endorsed application form to SUSS

Do note that approval of the sponsorship amount is provided on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Sponsorship Amount?

Aceplp’s offer of an education sponsorship is intended to be a privilege to our BIM Specialists. However, further funding from Aceplp will cease if you no longer wish to remain under our employment.

What if I wish to take a longer time (> 6 semesters) to complete my study?

Due to constraints in working hours or life events, we understand that some BIM Specialists may require more than 6 semesters to complete the course. Aceplp shall only sponsor up to SGD10,800 regardless of the duration BIM Specialists wish to take to complete the course.

Can I apply for other courses apart from the Bachelor of Building and Project Management (SUSS) ?

The management team is open to suggestions for alternative courses on a case-by-case basis. However, the aggregate sponsorship amount shall be pegged at SGD10,800. For further enquiries, please reach out to [email protected]


The leading BIM Applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, and MicroStation are supported by AcePLP.


  • BIM 360
  • Revit Architecture
  • Revit MEP
  • Revit Structure
  • AutoCAD
  • Navisworks


  • MicroStation Connect Edition
  • MicroStation v8i
  • OpenBuildings
  • OpenRail
  • OpenPlant
  • OpenRoads


  • ArchiCAD
  • CostX
  • Synchro
  • Primavera P6
  • Others


There are many BIM applications available that may not be listed above. Get in touch with us to arrange a custom consultation or training session.