Bentley LEGION Simulator

What is Bentley LEGION Simulator?

Bentley LEGION Simulator is a simulation software that enables users to simulate the movement of individuals and explore different design alternatives. Its data-rich analysis output supports infrastructure assets ranging from metro stations and airports to stadiums and shopping malls. It can easily verify new entrances and exits, queuing strategies, flow separation barriers, and any other physical or operational changes in public spaces. With LEGION Simulator, users can accurately evaluate design plans to improve footfall, wayfinding, crowd management, safety, and security strategies through a common source of truth models that allow for better collaboration and alignment between planning, design, operations, and safety teams. 

Some uses of Bentley LEGION Simulator

The key features of Bentley LEGION Simulator are as follows:

  • Analyze Simulations
    • Set up and run user-defined analyses and generate rich outputs based on a variety of metrics
  • Record and Playback Simulations
    • Record and playback parts of a simulation, or run a new simulation
  • Simulate Movement
    • Mimic all aspects of an individual’s movement including personal preferences, surrounding awareness, spatial restrictions, and perception of behaviours
  • Visualize Simulations
    • View simulations at various speeds, zoom in/out, pause/restart, and export for analysis. Simplified and automated analyses speed the analysis stage of a project to reduce risk

What Bentley LEGION Simulator can provide

Benefits of Bentley LEGION Simulator include:

  • Collaborate Faster & More Easily  
    • Work with various project team members on models simultaneously, regardless of location, using a shared set of libraries and workflows
  • Model without restrictions  
    • Quickly create, visualize, test, and interact with the model to explore various “what if” scenarios
  • Make informed decisions with visualization and predictions
    • Evaluate and visualize traffic flows at a venue before it is built by combining planning information from the LEGION Model input file with the automated predictions of how people move

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