BIM 360 vs ProjectWise 365: BIM Cloud Platforms

There is a high chance that you know about BIM (Building Information Modelling) programs if you’re in the construction industry. They’re becoming increasingly popular because they improve project management and overall delivery. We’re in an age where people are trying to do the most in the shortest time possible. BIM programs save time and can increase your company’s profitability if you choose the right one.

How do you choose the right one? Focus on the features and specifications that are in line with your company’s work module. This guide covers BIM 360 and ProjectWise 365, highlighting and comparing their features to help you make the right decision for your project.

What is bim 360?

BIM 360 is a comprehensive project management software specifically designed for the construction industry. It empowers those involved in the construction process to manage all parts of project performance. BIM 360 provides tools and features that help construction businesses make informed decisions and keep track of all aspects of the project performance. It gives project managers proper oversight and helps to speed up the overall project delivery while sticking to the budget, safety rules, and other project specifications.

This software is open to every project stakeholder and ensures better workflow and collaboration between everyone involved in the project. It can be used for BIM management, Construction field management, construction document management, and Lean construction planning.

What is ProjectWise 365?

ProjectWise 365 is a reliable program that provides a quick and instant-on solution for project and design collaborations. You do not need to be a large company to use ProjectWise, as it enables small to mid-sized teams review project designs in 2D/3D format. It is a 100% cloud-based solution that keeps all construction professionals involved in the project securely connected to project information and each other.

 Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals stay competitive with the help of ProjectWise 365. It helps workers to work remotely from home and still provide suggestions and reviews in real-time. ProjectWise 365 streamlines coordination and saves time by helping to ensure that construction errors and issues are resolved quickly leading to more efficient project delivery.

feature comparison

BIm 360

An Autodesk Product
  • Publishing & Viewing
  • Real-time Revit Collaboration
  • Collaboration for Civil 3D
  • Document Control
  • Coordination

Projectwise 365

A Bentley Product
  • Publishing & Viewing
  • Real-time 3D Collaboration
  • Manage Contract Changes
  • Document Control
  • Coordination

bim 360 benefits

Streamlines workflow

BIM 360 gives construction workers involved in the project control in their specialty throughout the project. Its tools and features allow for effective project management from conceptualization to delivery. All aspects of the project are streamlined to ensure proper 360 allows your team to be well integrated to perform at its optimal best.

Sets and Improves project quality and standards

BIM 360 helps you set standards for safety, inventory, resource management, quality control, and other aspects of the project. It also helps to mitigate and minimize errors. It is easier to resolve construction issues with standards set in place.  It also ensures that resources are not wasted and helps to control project expenses. It reduces construction risk, and you can also use it to set your project budget to ensure that resources are not wasted and all project expenses are within budget.

Effective and centralized communication

Proper communication is the foundation for effective project management. BIM 360 helps to ensure that information is openly accessible to all project stakeholders. All project data such as design, budget, and documentation can be easily centralized by the project managers. BIM 360 also comes with a documentation feature that allows all construction professionals involved in the project to view, review and publish project plans and documents. Members of the team are kept up to date on changes to the project and are also able to make contributions in real-time.

Projectwise 365 benefits

Fast and easy access to information

It simplifies access to project data and improves design coordination to save time. This is an instant-on software that offers secure and quick access to project information. Errors are quickly resolved before their effect is adverse, this saves resources and time.

Available for small to mega-size projects

ProjectWise removes the necessity of server administration that might have posed a difficulty for smaller firms and projects. Projects vary in size and complexity and ProjectWise helps to ensure efficient work sharing and workflow with all project types. It is a robust platform that allows every project team reaps the full benefits real-time work sharing.

Secure and reliable information sharing

ProjectWise ensures that every information passed and shared is reliable by providing audit trails and reducing the risk of errors and redesign which can waste time and resources.

Accelerates and improves design reviews

It offers 2D and 3D models and allows changes and reviews to be made in this format. Information is made accessible to all construction professionals involved in the project throughout the project life cycle. Reviews can be made in any phase of the project, and project stakeholders are kept up to date on all changes involved whether they are onsite or offsite. Information exchanges are automated and managed easily to shorten the project approval cycle.

price comparison

BIM 360 costs $1,275(SGD) per user / annum while ProjectWise 365 costs $354(SGD) per user / annum.

Consider every aspect of your project and work module before choosing a BIM program. ProjectWise 365 is a more budget-friendly option as it provides a standard design collaboration and work sharing solution within a reasonable cost-model. It also provides immediate access to key information and ensures secure data flow among project stakeholders.


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