At AcePLP, our CAD/BIM engineers are skillfully trained in the use of CAD and  BIM software, with strict adherence to CP83 standards and the BCA BIM e-submission guide.

on-site cad & bim support

Our on-site support is frequently used by savvy project managers meeting time and budget shortages. With AcePLP’s engineers, you can focus on maintaining a lean project team and scale up/down your team depending on your project requirements.

This service is the preferred option for projects that require plenty of coordination and communication with your project team. An AcePLP manager will work with you to assign BIM/CAD engineers with the right skillset and qualities to your project site.

off-site cad & bim support

Recommended for simpler projects or standalone tasks that do not require much input from the project team. Your project will be completed by a team of highly skilled CAD/BIM engineers at the AcePLP office.

You should ideally have specific instructions on how the job should be performed to let us manage your project.

bim auditing

Unify BIM standards and ensure a high-quality BIM database with AcePLP’s BIM auditing service. As an independent party, we can conduct checks on the level of detail, naming standards, and project organisation, ensuring that BIM integrity and compliance levels are met for your project. 

Our expertise in creating BIM models means you can trust that we know what to look out for.

More services

Construction Sequencing

Link the construction programme to your BIM model to systematically and visually track your project progress over time.

Project Planning

Work with our planners to create your tender and baseline programme. A tracking programme can linked to your BIM model for visualization and presentation. Deploy our planners to your project site to report on progress and update the programme.

Construction Animation

Presentation matters - and we want to help you with it. Showcase your designs and innovative construction methods by creating a compelling presentation of how your project is built over time.

Communicate your ideas beautifully and concisely.