CAD Services

What is CAD Drafting?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services are widely used in the AEC industry for the creation of 2D drawings or 3D models. Unlike a manual design and drafting process, CAD systems can maintain a database of building parts and construction-related knowledge and standards which also provides a far higher standard of precision and ease of modification of designs. Designs can be easily shared, enabling collaboration between the different experts and agencies involved.

Before the construction process begins, Architects and Engineers would have to ensure that structure of the building has been drafted which can be created and edited by Drafters. Drafters would use computer-aided design software to produce floor plans, building inspection plans and even layouts of landscapes, with precision in the required time given.

What are the Benefits of CAD Drafting?

Adopting CAD software when designing buildings is a faster route in comparison to manual drawing. It allows the designer to adjust the areas that would require adjustments quickly and automatically which saves time and increases productivity.

CAD software is able to provide advanced tools that are able to create designs with a higher level of accuracy. When errors are found during design analysis, design modification would occur faster with the help of CAD software and increases the speed of reproducing the drawing. Higher accuracy in designs reduce design errors and increases the speed of manufacturing.

Apart from ease of modification, increasing productivity and high accuracy, various types of CAD templates could be created and reused, creating a database which saves time in providing basic information required by other users.


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