CostX is an estimating software that enables its users to save time in remeasure projects.  from scratch whenever the design has been changed significantly, and drawings have been revised. CostX is able to compare old and new drawings and recognise accurately the changes have been made. The software would then be able to notify which measurement changes should be reviewed and approved, which can be linked live with a cost plan. If a measurement is increased, the quantity in the cost plan will be automatically updated. Thus, providing speed, accuracy and efficiency for the users.


CostX is able to simplify measuring processes such as measuring lengths and areas efficiently with just one click, making it less time-consuming. Our BIM Specialists can estimate quantities and costs with reference to BIM files which consist of extensive data. They would then be able to provide cost plans which are linked to the BIM files and updated live. Whenever there is an update or changes to the BIM models, the cost plan would also be updated.

Multi-level detailed workbooks can be created by using CostX in order to coordinate with team members and use the data for subcontractor comparison in recording quotes and pricing. With the workbooks, it would help the company to save time in making well-informed decisions and ensure that the data are correct to prevent misalignment. Our BIM Specialists are able to improve the design quality and reduce potential errors as they are able to determine between the necessary changes for the design process.

There are 6 capabilities that our BIM Specialists can carry out:

  • 2D Drawings Support
  • Estimate Quantities and Costs of 3D BIM Models
  • The collaboration of Data in Workbooks
  • Auto-Revisioning of Drawings
  • Subcontractor Comparison
  • Produce Reports


CostX allows its users to keep track of scope variations while eliminating the need for hardcopy, which saves time and costs in printing, handling, storage and retrieval of documents. Archiving the documents would be simplified and drawings of complete projects are easily stored and shared between authorised persons, in various file formats such as PDF, JPG and BMP. CostX projects would easily be accessed as the users would be able to access the files on-site while reviewing the progress of the actual construction. Thus, improving the collaboration of team members.


In AcePLP, we offer quality CostX services to manage and control the costs associated with a construction project efficiently. Our skilled team of BIM Specialists are able to extract parametric data from BIM Model files, measure quantities directly from 3D models and update data automatically for progressive design changes.


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