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OpenRail Designer is a Building Information Modelling (BIM) software application developed and marketed by Bentley. The software provides capabilities that support the construction of rail and road design. OpenRail Designer used to be called Power Rail Track. Power Rail Track was the v8i version of the software whereas OpenRail Designer is the Connect edition. The connect edition was introduced by Bentley to replace the existing v8i versions. The basic commands remained the same as the V8i version however the software interface was recreated to suit better needs and workflows. The interface was upgraded to be Ribbon style, allowing users to get familiar easier with the interface and environment. 


In Singapore, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is in charge of all rail works such as the MRT. For this type of civil structures, the OpenRail Designer is used for rail conceptualisation and modelling including overhead lines and tracks as well. Our BIM modellers are able to use the software to create the track horizontal and vertical alignments, create the tunnel profiles or track profiles and eventually create the actual rail tracks and tunnels. Other functions such as placement of sleepers can also be done to complete the railtrack model.

Below is a list of software capabilities that our BIM modellers can carry out:

  1. Analyze rail track regressions
  2. Automate rail drawing production
  3. Create profiles & cross sections
  4. Design and analyze rail corridors
  5. Design and place rail signals
  6. Design track geometry
  7. Analyze rail and sleep placement


One of the main key benefits of using OpenRail Designer is that our BIM modellers are able to rapidly create the BIM model based on the design intent of the engineers. The software has the capabilities of comprehensive mathematical algorithms to accommodate transitions that is required on rail projects. The software is also able to ensure that the model is reflective of the engineering intent hence improving design efficiency. In addition to all this, BIM modellers are also able to run integrity checks of the rail or road alignments to locate issues that require correction.

In AcePLP, we offer quality OpenRail Designer BIM modelling services for creation of MRT tracks and tunnels. Our skilled team of BIM modellers are able to develop a 3D BIM model based on design information provided by the client.

Check out our services if you’re looking to outsource BIM modelling services in Openrail Designer. We cater to main contractors, consultants, architects, engineers, and many more. We will be glad to assist you.


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