360 Cameras – Monitor Your Construction Progress Today

HOW CAN 360 CAMERAS BE USED IN CONSTRUCTION? Cut down the time required to capture construction site progress in half with an effective 360 camera workflow. Instead of manually capturing site progress in 2D, you can quickly create a virtual environment that project stakeholders literally “walk-through”. Clients can then add 360 captures to their documentation … Read more

BricsCAD: An AutoCAD Alternative

The recent changes in Autodesk’s licencing agreement has forced many businesses using perpetual (i.e. AutoCAD or Revit) licences to switch to a user-based subscription model. Combined with the consistent annual price increases, some members of the CAD community have started looking for cheaper alternatives to AutoCAD. One promising option that has appeared is BricsCAD – … Read more

Productivity Solutions Grant: Funding for Construction Companies

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a funding scheme from the Singapore government  that allows small businesses (SMEs) to tap into funding for up to 80% of an IT solutions’ qualifying costs. The intention of PSG is to enable businesses to scale their digitalisation efforts. Businesses may have to pay for the entire solution upfront … Read more

BIM Execution Plan Implementation in Singapore

What is a bim execution plan? A BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is developed to successfully implement Building Information Modelling (BIM) on a project throughout its lifecycle. It is a reference document whereby the BIM Team members can: Clearly understand the goals for implementing BIM in the project Understand their roles and responsibilities for model creation, … Read more