360 Cameras – Monitor Your Construction Progress Today

HOW CAN 360 CAMERAS BE USED IN CONSTRUCTION? Cut down the time required to capture construction site progress in half with an effective 360 camera workflow. Instead of manually capturing site progress in 2D, you can quickly create a virtual environment that project stakeholders literally “walk-through”. Clients can then add 360 captures to their documentation … Read more

Jobs for Freshers in the Architecture Industry

What jobs can I get with an Architecture Degree? You might be surprised to find out there are actually plenty of career opportunities available for fresh graduates with an architecture degree. But first you need to understand that the role of an architect does not just end at the design of the building – it … Read more

BIM use in PPVC construction

PPVC stands for Pre-fabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction. It is a process in which pre-built blocks are manufacturing in an off-site facility and transported to the construction site for assembly. Why is PPVC construction beneficial to the sector? PPVC construction will be able to cut down up to 40% of costs associated with a building project. … Read more