Autodesk 3Ds Max

WHAT IS Autodesk 3ds Max?

Autodesk 3ds Max is a commercial software used for making 3D models, animations, games, and images. It is developed and produced by Autodesk Media and Entertainment, and for Windows only. It is renowned for its powerful modelling tools which allow users to create complex geometries in a simple workflow. Its comprehensive range of features makes 3ds Max an industry standard. It contains all the high-end features like particle and light simulation, cloth-simulation engine that video game developers and visual effects artists need to create entertainment content.

WHAT IS THE USE OF Autodesk 3ds Max?

Autodesk 3ds Max is used by various groups of professionals such as architects, engineers, game developers, and VFX artists, as it is designed to interface with CAD tools such as AutoCAD. This makes it the go-to solution for high-quality architectural visualizations. Regarding 3D modelling itself, 3ds Max can create parametric and organic objects using polygons, subdivision surfaces, and spline-based modelling. The latest version of 3ds Max also features shaders, dynamic simulation, particle systems, radiosity, normal map creation and rendering, global illumination, a customizable user interface, new icons, and its scripting language.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF Autodesk 3ds Max?

3Ds Max offers a rich and flexible toolset to create premium designs with full artistic control.

  • Create massive worlds in games
  • Visualize high-quality architectural renderings
  • Model finely detailed interiors and objects
  • Bring characters and features to life with animation and VFX

The built-in Arnold renderer provides a fully interactive experience and can handle your most complex characters and scenes.

  • Render previews while you work and iterate quickly
  • Save time with artist-friendly UI and intuitive controls
  • Produce high quality renders, faster

3ds Max lets you scale your workflow with automation, allowing you to spend more time on creativity.

  • Use 3ds Max as a compute engine to scale content production
  • Extend built-in workflows with accessible APIs
  • Accelerate manual steps to boost productivity

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