Fabrication CADmep

WHAT IS Fabrication CADmep?

Autodesk managed to create a platform called Fabrication CADmep, which supports fabrication, installation and detailing processes for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) contractors. The software is able to use actual manufacturer-specified content to extend the design of models and create specified building fabrication-models such as piping, plumbing or ductwork systems. Content Libraries used in CADmep can also be used in Revit in order to support a multi-discipline workflow.

WHAT IS THE USE OF Fabrication CADmep?

Apart from ensuring the exterior designs of a building are specified and well-fabricated, it is just as important to ensure the interior designs such as MEP systems are indefectible. Fabrication CADmep will help in creating detailed and intelligent models which contain the required information to estimate, prefabricate, construct and install building piping and sheet metal systems.

There are 10 capabilities that our BIM Modellers can carry out:

  • Added Manufacturer Content and Patterns
  • Controlled Renumbering
  • Simple Batch Processes
  • Enhanced Database Export/Import
  • Shared Content Libraries and Databases
  • Manufacturer-specified Content Databases
  • Extend Design-Intent Models
  • Design Line Detailing Technology
  • Multi-service Layout
  • Service Validation and Clash Detection Tools



Just by using the tools in Fabrication CADmep, our BIM Modellers are able to extend and translate design-intent models from various software such as Revit and Revit MEP, as well as AutoCAD MEP. They are able to develop MEP designs more efficiently by working on design-intent underlays of various formats such as DWG, DWF and PDF using design line drawing technology. With Fabrication CADmep, models will be detailed and fabricated based on user-defined project specification, which saves time on data modification and promotes overall efficiency. 


In AcePLP, we offer quality Fabrication CADmep services to simplify the design and fabrication of MEP components. Our skilled team of BIM Modellers are able to support the detailing, fabrication and installation process based on manufacturer-specified information provided by the client.


Check out our services if you’re looking to outsource Fabrication CADmep services. We cater to main contractors, consultants, architects, engineers, and many more. We will be glad to assist you.



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