What is navisworks?

Navisworks is a 3D model review software by AUtodesk that is often used together with Revit to carry out checking of BIM models. Navisworks is often used for checking for clashes across disciplines or building systems. Revit itself is able to run clash detection and allow users to modify and resolve any issues immediately. However, Navisworks is more suitable in running clash detections as it contains more in-depth functions and selections.

There are three versions for Navisworks: 

  1. Navisworks Freedom
  2. Navisworks Simulate
  3. Navisworks Manage

Navisworks Manage is the most powerful among the three versions while Navisworks Freedom is the most basic allowing only for viewing purpose. Clients will normally get our BIM coordinator to adopt Navisworks Manage as it can conduct clash detection as well as the capability for 4D simulation and 5D quantification. Meanwhile, clash detection is the only function that Navisworks Simulate does not have.


Our BIM coordinators have the expertise in conducting visual checks and detecting clashes by running a walkthrough in the virtual model. When a clash or an error is found by visual checks, our BIM coordinators can save viewpoints for the particular view and clouds with comments can be added to it to collaborate with other disciplines.

Measurements can also be made to check to distances for clearance checks, workspace planning, or fire escape route planning etc.

The model can also be sectioned to see the internal layout for clearer views during the review process. These sectioned views can also be saved as viewpoints in the Saved Viewpoint palette.

The most important key objective of using Navisworks is to be able to run clash detection. Our BIM coordinators can also run a clash detection check using Navisworks Manage by inputting clash rules. The software will then run this check and generate a report of all the clashes found in the model based on the rules set. 

The clash report generated is then used by our BIM coordinators as reference in BIM coordination meetings to highlight the clashes or design errors between the various disciplines. All the parties involved can then resolve these issues collectively during BIM collaboration meeting and update the BIM models accordingly afterwards


BIM model coordination through the use of Navisworks between the various disciplines involved is needed so that problems in the design can be identified earlier in the BIM models. Due to the early detection of these problems, the design conflicts between the services can be collectively resolved upfront hence creating a clash free visualization of the building design. As the clashes and design errors have been identified during the coordination process, this will then eventually reduce cost spent on abortive works and materials wastage during the construction stage. BIM coordination enhances the purpose and operability of the BIM modelling software and ensures that projects do not get delayed or incur unnecessary expenses for all parties involved.

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