Simple Licence Cost Breakdown for Tekla Structures

What is tekla structures?

Tekla Structures is a series of BIM authoring software that is frequently used by contractors and fabricators to generate detailed design drawings. While most other BIM software only go to the extent of creating 3D views, Tekla Structures software can create constructible designs (completed with steel connecting elements, and concrete supporting structures) that are used in fabrication plants. 

What kind of details can it create

Tekla Structures has features that allow it to model components such as formwork, bolts, steel connections, rebar structures and more. These components are typically hidden within the structure of the modelled component. Without these connecting components, the physical structures that one sees within a BIM model simply cannot be built.

Tekla Structures Licence types

Tekla Structures is commonly confused with a similarly-known product called Tekla Structural Designer. 

Tekla Structures features a series of software products that include:

– Tekla Structures: Construction Modeling
– Tekla Structures: Steel Detailing
– Tekla Structures: Rebar Detailing
– Tekla Structures: Precast Concrete Detailing

Tekla Structures for Construction Modeling allows the end-user to extract and interact with detailed model data. It is a 3D drafting software that enables the end-user to make changes to the BIM model, but does have some limitations that would have enabled it to make comprehensive model changes to the BIM structures.

The other 3 software mentioned above have names that are self-explanatory to its function. Each contain the full set of features to  either model steel elements, rebar structures, or precast concrete components.

*Tekla Structural Designer is commonly used by consultants to design, analyse, and optimise structural designs. 

what tekla licence should i buy?

You pay for the functions that you need to use. For example, if you are a precast concrete fabricator, chances are that Tekla Structures: Precast Concrete Detailing would be sufficient for your needs.

On the other hand, if you are a quantity surveyor or BIM modeller who only needs to extract model data (and do not need to make comprehensive edits to the BIM model) then Tekla Structures:  Construction Modeling would be suitable for your needs.

Lastly, if you are a project owner, a basic model viewing software like Tekla Structures: Project Viewer or Trimble Connect may be sufficient.

Download and installation of tekla licences

Tekla perpetual licences will soon be deprecated as they are moving on to a subscription model. For businesses that wish to verify that the Tekla Licence is suitable for their needs, they are strongly advised to reach out to us.

We would be able to advise businesses on the proper licence types, and also assist with the installation process.


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