Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition

what is Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition?

MicroStation CONNECT Edition is essentially a re-skinned MicroStation V8i. It functions the same way but with a fresh look which is more suitable for those familiar with any user interface design based on Microsoft. Instead of the conventional side panel in V8i, the tasks and tools are arranged in ribbons and tabs. The CONNECT Edition also features the same functionalities and capabilities as the V8i. It operates mainly in .dgn format and supports other CAD files such as .dwg.

what are the uses Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition?

We are fully capable of using many new enhancements of MicroStation CONNECT Edition that can speed up production and improve workflows. Some of these enhancements include data interoperability, item types, reports, tables, sheet index, parametric modelling and labels.

 MicroStation CONNECT Edition and MicroStation V8i can coexist together, with both versions being installed on the same workstation. Users can also use mixed workflows from V8i and CONNECT Edition to view projects. Such a parallel installation allows users to improve flexibility by allowing them to choose the version based on the features they wish to use. With CONNECT Edition, new projects can be delivered while completing existing ones, using both V8i and CONNECT Edition.



There are vital features of CONNECT Edition that users can use to enhance their V8i projects such as sheet tracking and ordering, 3D modelling and Connect services. Some benefits of a dual installation include workout community, separate installation folders, separate user preferences, design files and CAD standards files.


Our company offers affordable quality MicroStation CONNECT Edition drafting services that allow architects, engineers, design professionals and drafters to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs or drawings.


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