What is ArchiCAD?

ArchiCAD is a BIM software developed by Graphisoft. It is a full architectural software commonly used by the architects. However, due to the growing demand in the AEC industry, it started to venture into Structural and M&E disciplines in 2016. ArchiCAD is now a multi discipline building design application software that allows users to design, analyze, collaborate, document and visualize buildings on a virtual platform. Currently, the software itself can model Architectural and Structural elements. As for M&E elements, a plug-in called MEP modeler has to be installed into ArchiCAD in order to model the elements.

How functional ArchiCAD is for BIM?

ArchiCAD can be utilised by both Architects and Engineers to plan aesthetics and technical aspects of a building project. However it is preferred by the Architects for their projects due to the elements being easily customised for architectural needs. For example, a compound wall has many layers in it with different configurations like thickness, materials etc. As the software was developed to suit the different configurations, it makes things easier for Architects. Our BIM modellers are equipped with the knowledge to assist Architects in generating the Architectural model. They can also create the renderings needed by the Architects which is suitable for presentation purposes due to its sharp, clear and fine images.

How Beneficial ArchiCAD is for BIM ?

One of the key benefits of adopting ArchiCAD, ArchiCAD is its ability to allow easy collaboration between different disciplines through the use of BIMcloud. BIMcloud allows real-time collaboration between project team members from various disciplines regardless of size or complexity of the project. When assigned to a project, our group of BIM modellers will be able to work on the same BIM model at the same time without the need to split different sections of the development into many parts. 

In addition it also facilitates better collaboration with contractors as our BIM modellers will be able to export the ArchiCAD models to a BIMx file format. BIMx can be opened with an IOS or Android smartphone or tablet. This makes the output easily accessible when contractors or architects require to review the model when on site. They will only need to apply normal phone or tablet operations like zooming in and out with two fingers, panning views with a finger. Creating section views in the models is also an easy process. A palette at the side of the interface includes buttons for the operator to turn on and off elements they want to view.

In AcePLP, we offer quality ArchiCAD BIM modelling services in multiple disciplines such as structural, architectural and MEP. Our skilled team of BIM modellers are able to develop a 3D BIM model based on the design information provided by the clients.


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